Using Routing Table creating a setup to ping Google & not able to ping Facebook | Networking | Task 13| Arth

Gaurav Sharma
2 min readSep 4, 2021


Create a Setup so that you can ping google but not able to ping Facebook from same system.


  • You should know the concept of Routing Table before doing this task.
  • You should also know some basic commands.


  • Let’s check that if our system can ping to both facebook & google.

So as you can see, for now we can ping to facebook & google.

  • Now let’s check the default routing tables.

Here you can see a route table with destination which allow all. So first we have to delete this routing table.

  • For deleting routing table we use route del command.
  • Now let’s check the connectivity.

So here we can see connectivity to both are unreachable.

  • Now we will add a routing table with IP.

You can found the google IP mapping using nslookup command. To check gateway IP use cat /etc/resolv.confcommand.

  • Finally let’s check the connectivity.

So here you can see that our system can but facebook,com is unreachable.


Finally task is successful.
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