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Gaurav Sharma
3 min readJul 13, 2021


Task Description

Task — 12.2: Configure the same setup as 12.1 over AWS
using instance over there.


  • To use AWS instance as Target node in ansible we need to do some setup.
    Firstly we have to install aws.py
  • Now we have to transfer the AWS pem key from local system to the ansible VM.
  • Third, we need to install python3 for running the ec2.py.
# yum install python3-y
  • Third, we need to install boto3 library which is python3 SDK for AWS.


  • First, we have to configure ansible inventory for AWS.
    Here we provide path where we put the aws.py file & pem key in inventory path.
    We also include privilege escalation for root access.
  • Now we make both aws.py file & AWS private pem key executable by using below commands:-
# chmod +x ec2.py
# chmod 400 <private_key>.pem
  • Now, we need to install boto3 library which is python3 SDK for AWS.
pip install boto3
  • The most important step of this task is to set environment variable for authentication

Now everything is configured, let’s check that we have everything right or not.


  • First to check that ec2,py is running perfectly or not.
# ./ec2.py --list

Output —

  • Now we can display the target ec2 nodes.
# ansible all — list-hosts
  • To pass tag as hosts in inventory file we use this as example “tag_country_us”.

# Problem I faced in this task

  • First of all i faced lots of problem while configuring the dynamic inventry.
  • Every time when I start the VM i have to set all three environment variable again.
  • Now a suggestion if on list host command, you get wrong credential error then “Power off the Machine” without saving it’s state.

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