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If I tell you that AI & machine learning is the future, you will not be surprised because everyone knows the importance of AI & machine learning technologies and how widely they are being used in industries.

From self driving cars to mobile apps AI technology are being used in every where. Also in every Hollywood Sci-Fi movie & series the future depiction is filled with AI robots, AI cars and other AI stuffs.

We can’t ignore the presence of these technology even if you are a non-technical guy. A large section of Science and Technology magazine belongs to AI. You too must have read about AI somewhere, like you read this article of World’s first News Anchor in China.

For non-technical guys let me explain the terms AI & Machine Learning:-

AI or Artificial Intelligence is like that we are giving brains to the computers, this brain is created by humans that’s why it is called artificial. We do so by giving them experience in the form of data so that they can perform human-like tasks.

Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

A machine with a new brain is like a new born child. We have to feed large amount of data to give it a human experience.

Use Cases & Applications of AI & ML

AI & ML can be used in almost every sector where Data is involve. Apart from this use case these technologies can be used for automation. It has made data more efficient with its ability to recognize patterns.

Applications of AI & ML consist of expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision. Artificial Intelligence is advancing dramatically. It is already transforming our world socially, economically and politically.

AI is being used in Healthcare, Education, Buisness, Social Media, Cyber Security & in future they will be used in the Autonomus vehicles, Robot technology, Space Research.

Let’s see some Real World applications of AI & ML technology :-

1.Image Recognition:- There are many situations where you can classify the object as a digital image. For digital images, the measurements describe the outputs of each pixel in the image. This application of AI is widely used for face detection & character recognition.

2.Speech recognition:-Speech recognition is the translation of spoken words into text, a software application recognizes spoken words. Alexa & Siri are prime example of assistants which works on speech recorgnition.

3.HELP DESK:- Businesses use help desk software to manage a variety of different types of information. From customers questions and concerns to employee computer repair requests, help desk is a solution for organizing, responding to, and gathering results.

4.Classification:-Classification is a process of placing each individual from the population under study in many classes. This is identified as independent variables. Classification helps analysts to use measurements of an object to identify the category to which that object belongs. To establish an efficient rule, analysts use data. Data consists of many examples of objects with their correct classification.

Lets take some case studies to know the applications of AI

SysAid Technologies(HELP DESK):-

SysAID offers Help desk & ITSM sevices, but here we are more focused on Help Desk. The purpose of a Help Desk is usually to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about products such as computers, electronic equipment, food, apparel, or software. SysAid provide an automated 24x7 first-contact chatbot experience for users.

They use bots to communicate with customers about their needs. Using AI, SysAID employ virtual chatbots to troubleshoot concerns from the person visiting the help desk. This can reduces their employs & their salary, also it greatly reduce the number of tickets that the help desk employees go through on a daily basis.

Using AI tools, a help desk can populate responses to the problem that a person is reporting. This can help to reduce the number of tickets that the help desk has to respond to on a daily basis. AI can also help to formulate the most popular types of insight that are requested through this tool. Tracking this type of data can help the tech team to understand where there are weaknesses in their systems in use.

CrowdStrike(Cyber Security):-

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. is an American technology company based in Sunnyvale, California. It is one of the most popular cyber security companies in the market, with dozens of high-profile customers. CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform uses AI to give users quicker visibility and protection across their entire organization and focuses on preventing endpoint attacks.

With Falcon, CrowdStrike is able to provide real-time protection and actionable threat intelligence as well as around-the-clock managed threat hunting. Crowdstrike has a different model that identifies compromised systems, and it uses a lot of machine learning in the background for identification.


Amazon has always been at the forefront of using AI to improve its commercial potential. Not only has it been using AI to enhance its customer experience but has been heavily focused internally.

From using AI to predict the number of customers willing to buy a new product to running a cashier-less grocery store, Amazon’s AI capabilities are designed to provide customised recommendations to its customers. According to a report, Amazon’s recommendation engine is driving 35% of its total sales.

One of the main areas where Amazon is applying continuous AI is to better understand their customer search queries and what is the reason they are looking for a particular product. For an e-commerce company to make relevant recommendations to its customers, it is not only crucial for them to know what their customers searched for, but it is also critical to understand why a customer is searching for a product.

The above case-study is on some current uses of AI in companies.But one can definitely say that AI is a violent delight. One thing is clear that it is going to be everywhere, and will be as helpful as electricity. However, the exploitation of AI could be quite destructive. Anyway, we can’t predict the future.

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