Configuring HTTPD Server on Docker Container | Task 7.2 | ARTH

What is Docker??

How to Install Docker??

To install new version of docker we have to include “nobest” in the command:-

#yum install docker-ce --nobest

Some basic pre-requisites

#docker pull centos

We can see the docker images in the OS using command:-

#docker images

So after this pre-requisite let’s do the task

#docker run -it --name <Container_Name>  <Image_Name>:<Version>

After installing container we have to install “net-tools” software for “ifconfig” command.

Now to see the IP of the container we can use ifconfig command.

So for Apache webserver we to install “httpd” software.

Here you can observe a beautiful thing about docker that we don’t have to configure the yum before installing the softwares.

Now lets create a webpage inside “/var/www/html” folder.

As “systemctl” commands won’t work in docker so we have to use another command to start webservices in container.


Now we can access the webpages inside the Redhat OS using IP of Container & name of file.

So finally you can see the webpage i just start in the docker container.

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