Configuring HAProxy with Backend Server Using Ansible Role | Ansible Role |Task 15 | Arth



  • Ansible Role
  • HAproxy
  • Ansible Playbook
  • Firstly include the folder in the inventory file, where we will create the roles.
  • In this folder create roles using the giving command:-
# ansible-galaxy role init <role-name>
# ansible-galaxy role list
  • If we go inside the role folder’s we can see that their are different folder for variable, tasks, template, handlers etc.
  • We will write all the tasks in the “main.yml” file inside the “tasks” folder & variables in “main.yml” file inside “vars” folder.
  • Now create main playbook & include these roles
  • So let’s run this playbook.
  • Backend Node
  • Proxy Server


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