Ansible Solving Challanges of Industries | Task 11.2 | ARTH

What is Ansible

In this world of technology everything need to be automatic & without much human efforts. We all want our work to be done in smart way & with less effort. Like imagine in this world of software & apps you waiting in a line to book your ticket… painful is’t it. So how can one imagine to imagine to write lots of programs/commands every time to do some task.

Imperative & declarative languages

We can achieve automation using two types of language:- one is Imperative language & second is Declarative language. In Imperative language we have to specify What & How & in Declarative language we have to specify only What. Ansible is also a Declarative language & it is so intelligent that it automatically figure out achieve your task.

Ansible is the best tool available in the industry to achieve Automation

There are many other Automation tools available, including more mature ones like Puppet and Chef, so what is the reason I write in above statement that Ansible is best tool for automation? Not one of the best but The Best.

MNC’s Using Ansible

According to an article 8,781 companies are using Ansible. Ansible is most often used by companies with 50–200 employees and 10M-50M dollars in revenue. Ansible has a market share of about 4.0% in the Software Configuration Management category.

Source: Datanyze
Source: Datanyze

Now let’s take some Case Studies


Hootsuite is a social media management system used by businesses and organizations. It allows the execution of social media campaigns on a variety of networks from a secure dashboard. Hootsuite is popular among Fortune 1000 companies.


Amelco is a UK-based company that develops software solutions for the betting industry and financial betting markets. The business was looking for a way to deploy its applications efficiently across its hundreds of different environments, and it also sought to limit downtime. To do this, Amelco performed an Ansible migration to an agentless automation framework. This reduced the complexities it faced with the deployment, operations and the upgrade of applications over a range of contrasting locations, while also using one simplified language.


Based in Stockholm, Lifesum is a digital health platform that encourages users to lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.